Simple invoice financing that gets you paid faster.

Tired of waiting 30, 60, or 120 days to get paid? Sell your invoices instantly and improve cashflow. Get faster cash at favorable rates and have more power to buy inventory, pay your suppliers and grow your business.

The Waiting Game is Over

We're on a mission to make accounts receivables a thing of the past with a competitive invoice auction that allows you to instantly sell your invoices for cash using invoice financing to the highest bidder.

Access Cash On The Spot

No Restrictions. No Brainer.

Funders BID

(You Win)

Wait 30 days or get fast cash? It’s literally the easiest decision. Sell invoices instantly and score quick cash. Invoice financing meets online auctions.  Abraca$hdabra!

When multiple funders and banks compete - you win! Get better rates than a factor with an invoice financing auction.

Sell all your invoices or one you invoices. Small or's your choice. Rev up the cash conversion cycle with accounts receivable financing to improve cashflow.

By The Numbers





of invoices have yet to go paperless

days is typical for SMEs to get paid

is the cashbook portion requested from major factoring platforms

of all SMEs experience cash flow issues

“We have been primarily direct to consumer on our own website, but we’ve been finding new retailers that want to order from us. They usually require 60 to 90 day terms, which ties up capital.

We were able to finance a PO for nearly $30k in about 2 business days. The process was amazingly quick and painless, and the fees we paid were a lot less than alternate financing options like merchant loans.”

– Mark Hellweg, Founder & CEO at Ratio Coffee

“Invoice financing is a powerful tool to grow the business, especially for a startup on a hyper-growth trajectory. It is also much cheaper than equity financing.”

“[...] Crowdz offers flexibility to us so we choose when and how much to finance our receivable.”  

“The process with Crowdz is very straight forward and fast. We have experienced less than one week of turnaround time between posting our invoices for bidding and receiving the funds in our account. The financing cost is also lower than the traditional factoring arrangement. We are looking to use Crowdz to finance more of our receivables.”

– Andy Chen, Executive Charmain & Founfer at NurseDash

Watch your cash flow faster

You Win Every Time

Secure Invoices

Reduce Your Paperwork

We do the background check. Pre-vetted funders compete to buy your invoices. 

Our Ethereum blockchain-based platform ensures your invoices stay safe and doubles as a central source for your data.

Whether you’re selling one invoice or the entire book, you’ll have access to multiple funders without additional paperwork.

Chase dreams. Not invoices.

Invoices are at the heart of everything small and mid-sized enterprises do.  They impact hiring, buying products and growth. Every day spent waiting to receive a receivable is a missed opportunity. Our goal is to level the playing field by providing SMEs access to more working capital to grow their business

Want to learn how to grow your business? Are you looking into options like small business loans, invoice advance, receivables financing, invoice discounting, debt factoring, invoice financing, invoice loans, cash flow lending or simply looking for an alternative to factoring finance? Selling your invoices may be an alternative. Learn more.

Making money is hard. Invoicing doesn’t have to be.

Our team is obsessed with disrupting the business payment space. We’ve spent the better part of our days rethinking invoices, cash flow, and trade finance. We’re even building a 24/7 global invoice exchange with our friends over at Barclays bank (think stock exchange for invoices). 

Basically, the kind of Fintech company you’ve been wishing for. Our team has been working on a business payment solution that frees up time, so business owners can focus on making money, not chasing it.

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